Arfordir Sir Benfro

Diweddarwyd y dudalen ddiwethaf 08:45 2 Hydref 2023.
Arfordir Sir Benfro rhwng Llandudoch, Aberteifi a Llanrhath
The combination of high tides, forecast winds and wave heights give a risk of flooding around the high tides between 7:30 PM Saturday 30th September and 9 PM Sunday 1st October. The largest impacts are expected to occur Saturday 30th September around the high tide at 7:50 PM. Flooding of low-lying land and roads is expected. Be careful on beaches, coastal footpaths, roads, low lying land and close to estuaries. Be careful as sea spray and waves could be dangerous and could contain debris. We will continue to monitor the situation. You can monitor the situation in your area by using our 'River Levels, Rainfall and Sea Data' on our website. For more information on our Flood Alerts and how we issue them, please visit the ‘How we forecast floods, issue warnings and assess flood risk’ page on our website.

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